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Peterson's first stop this season is for a peameal bacon sandwich at this Toronto favorite. Peameal bacon, which is back bacon rolled in cornmeal, gets its name from an earlier version of the preparation, when the meat was rolled in ground peas for preservation purposes.

We’re not saying you should, but you could also order a whole boatload of burgers here — all priced less than $7.

Wine should always be easygoing and approachable, at least according to Grape Witches owners Nicole Campbell and Krysta Oben, who opened their bottle shop and bar (including a seasonal patio) in the west end of the city. They offer parties and workshops with an aim to stimulate conversation and educate palates in the process, aided by their quirky yet handy “Badge” guide, a litmus test to determine how “wild” you want to go outside your usual tasting comfort zone (based on variables like acidity, minerality, savoriness, bitterness, sweetness, and more).

Uber Eats doesn’t get a lot of love from the people, and to be honest, I’m also not the biggest fan of their company.

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PG Clucks claims to have the best fried chicken sandwich in the city, and we’re not about to argue with that. Almost all under $15, their sandwiches come with a large piece (or two) of crispy fried tender chicken with a heaping pile of toppings and a fluffy bun. It’s challenging to get through one of these mammoths on its own, but if your appetite came to play, they have sides too, and you can make it a combo for under $20.

Copy Link For nearly 20 years, this Iranian restaurant has been a humble darling of Queen Street West. Co-owned by executive chef Amir Mohyeddin and his sisters, Salome and Samira, Banu — a term of endearment for their mother, loosely translated to “lady” or “dame” — offers a considerate take read more on the home cooking of Tehran. The food speaks volumes about the power of slow cookery. Roasted eggplant emerges creamy, a touch pungent, and nutty thanks to several stages of peeling, frying, and low-and-slow cooking to extract every ounce of flavor.

Gandhi Roti in Toronto's Queen West neighborhood offers some of the spiciest, cheapest, most filling meals in the city. Here roti are tossed on the flat-top before being filled with various ingredients, from butter chicken to vegetable korma or West Indian curries.

The app is also partnering with Daily Bread Food Bank to support their work on food insecurity in the city, including by featuring an in-app donation option.

The main annoying thing is that some of the copy on the app is written in Chinese (specifically some restaurants and the coupon section) with no option to translate to English.

I had a conversation years ago with the owner of one of my favourite Toronto restaurants, and he told me that half of their restaurant’s orders were now through food delivery apps!

If you are searching for a food delivery service, which offers a fusion of all Indian foods, I would suggest a pumpkin kart service for good deals. Some delivery apps charge more fares for long-distance orders. Still, pumpkin offers free unlimited delivery for the first month and later charges standard prices. I am an international student residing in Toronto; I always order from pumpkin kart for special weekly offers.

Canada is a leading contributor when it comes to the global issue of food waste, with more than 50 per cent of all food produced here eventually being thrown out — higher than the global average of one third.

Features chef-prepared meals that only require heating and pelo cooking; offers the option to subscribe or place a one-time order

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